"I believe that the key to a happy life is simple : daily movement in nature, quality sleep and whole foods from sustainable sources."


My name is Meghanne Reburn, my friends call me Meg, Meg the Midwife or Megatron (but that nickname has a whole other story attached to it...ha ha).  

I'm a functional nutrition and women's wellness expert as well as a Registered Midwife. I hold a BScH in Midwifery (Hons) and have extensive additional education and training in functional nutrition. I have been working as a full time midwife since 2009 and literally delivered hundreds of babies. I've also worked as a midwifery and family medicine clinical instructor, as well as a backcountry chef. In recent years have taken a break from full time midwifery and am doing more remote and international work as well as a few humanitarian missions which fill my heart right up.  I'm the co-creator of Baby Making and Beyond.  Needless to say, I keep myself pretty busy.

I’ve been uber passionate about nutrition all my life but started to educate myself more and learn about functional medicine in 2010.

I am happiest when I have lots of time to travel and find adventure and quiet in the forests, lakes, oceans and mountains around the globe.

I think women are utterly amazing! My clients and their families continually inspire me to keep learning and help others to make positive changes in their lives. Teaching others to listen to the inner wisdom and guidance of their bodies is something I love to share.

I work with all kinds of women. From women who are trying to conceive to women who are pregnant and aren't sure what to eat. Aside from my fertility work I also have a deep passion for helping female athletes stay balanced and thrive in their sports as well as  helping women regain their cycles if they've struggled with HA. Send me a message if you're curious how we can work together. I've gotcha covered!