Are you a Rad female athlete who wants to optimize their performance?

Are you a superwoman recreational athlete but are struggling with hA?

I got ya covered 


1. Optimize performance

2. Supercharge your recovery

3. Keep your hormones healthy and periods regular (or help get them back!) 

4. Keep you nutritionally balanced during your pregnancy and postpartum while you still enjoy your sport 

Meg's programs are totally unique and are custom built just for you. They include:

  • Partnerships and programs combined with a fantastic Endurance Coach Brittany Aae from Magnetic North

  • Vegan? Veggie? Paleo? No problem. Meg's well versed in all sorts of dietary choices and can customize her recommendations around your choices as well as what's best for your health and training program

  • 45-60 min Facetime/Skype consultation

  • Detailed health history taking

  • Comprehensive individualized nutrition, supplement and lifestyle suggestions to help you reach your goals

  • Consultations with other professionals in your care team as needed

  • Access to diagnostic DUTCH hormone, allergy and adrenal testing

  • Discounts on quality therapeutic grade supplements delivered right to your door

Consultation options include:

1. One time consult ($249)

2. Monthly subscription that includes unlimited email check-ins and monthly appointments so your plan can change and adapt as you grow. (3 month commitment required) $149/Mo